Best Ways to Clean Blood from Carpet

Oh you got into an accident and your blood set on your carpet. First of all sorry to hear about your accident and I hope now you are fine. Now you are thinking about how you get rid of the blood stains. Actually the blood stains are very hard to get out from carpet.

If your blood stains are fresh then you are very lucky because fresh blood stains are very easy to remove. There are several ways for getting out blood spots from the carpet but each method is suitable for the particular type of carpet but few methods can work on every type of carpet. Some of the methods are given below.

1. The Simple Method

First of all, always go for the simple step when you are going to remove blood spots from the carpet. There are many benefits of this method. Once you use the simple method for removing the blood you will get to know how much difficult to remove this stain. If the blood stain is fresh then this method will 100% work. The following steps you need to take for removing the blood spots.

First of all put the cold water on the blood spot. If the blood stain is large then divide it into modules then put the cold water.

Then rub the blood stains till it is fully removed.

2. Use Dish Detergent Method

The following steps need to take while using the dish detergent for removing the blood from carpet.

Take two tablespoons of liquid dish detergent and take two cups of cold water and mix of these.

Now put the mixture on the stains, then brush the stains and leave it for a while. If the blood spot is old then leave it for a long time.

Now dab the stains with dish detergent. Continue dabbing till all blood stains attach with dish washing cloth.

3 Use Ammonia Method

If the blood stains does not remove after using the cold water and mixture of cold water and dish detergent. Then go for the ammonia. Actually ammonia method is somehow similar to the dish detergent method but this is a much stronger solution than dish detergent. Use Ammonia with the cold water and put it on the blood stain and leave it until it absorbs the blood stain.

4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide Method

The following steps need to take while using the hydrogen peroxide for removing the blood from carpet.

Find the hydrogen peroxide chemical from the market and put on blood stain.

Now take two to three towel papers and put on the stains and put the heavy thing on the towel papers. The blood stains will absorb into the towel paper.

There is a drawback of this method is that it can affect the color of the carpet. So we recommend you use this method on a very small part of the carpet so how you can determine if this method would damage your carpet or not. If your hydrogen peroxide would affect the color then use the mixture of vinegar and water to remove it.

5 Use the Salt Paste Method

The following steps need to take while using the salt paste for removing the blood from carpet.

Take table salt and water mixture both of them until the paste will create.

Now use the salt paste on the blood stains and rub it.

After rubbing the paste leave it for 15 minutes so that blood spots absorb in the paste.

Blotting the stain until blood stain fully removed

In the end you need to use the vacuum for removing the salt particles.

Few More Tips

Have you noticed one thing that all methods mentioned above have some common steps. All methods are using the water but note one thing more that water should be cold only. Never use hot water because hot water can make the blood stain permanent. And in each method you need to rub the solution on the carpet. Remember one thing never press the stain. In the last use the vacuum cleaner for removing the mixture particles but this is not compulsory but it makes the carpet as new.


The methods mentioned above are used by many people at a very large scale. People are giving positive reviews about these methods. Some of the methods such as using the hydrogen peroxide and salt paste are really helpful in cleaning removing the blood.