Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer Review

Hoover Max Extract dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer is the best carpet cleaner manufactured by Hoover Company. As compared to other carpet and floor cleaner Hover Max Extract Dual has much better results. This cleaner is using for money purposes such as cleaning of carpet and cleaner as washing of carpet and cleaner. If you have Hoover Max Extract dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer then you not need other cleaning materials such as ordinary carpet cleaner, vacuum cleaner, mop and tiles cleaner, this cleanser has capability to do all operations of cleaning.

Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Features

Auto Rinse and Rinse Only Features

Hoover All Terrain features an Auto Rinse. The shampooer will clean the floor or carpet with a mixture of detergent and water on the forward stroke.

After then rinse the floor or the carpet with clean water only on the backward stroke. How cool is that? This means there is less chemical residue left on the carpet which is safer for pet owners and for those with kids around.

​It can also save money as less detergent is used, or time, with running another rinse cycle.

Spin Brush Technology

Hoover’s tested and proven SpinScrub technology makes this carpet deep cleaner a powerful household tool. The brushes will do an amazing job on types of surfaces around your home. They spin in counter rotation scrubbing on all the sides to soothingly loosen and remove dirt and grime from all angles.

The powerful brushes are designed in such a way that they will not harm your carpet. So you get a deep clean without all the manual work or worry of damaging your carpet.

Hand Tools for Cleaning Upholstery and Couches

Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer F7452900PC come with handheld tools that can be used on all the areas which are hard to reach.

The upholstery tools enables the user to maximize the benefits that come with the cleaning technology in cleaning stairs, couches, chairs etc. Even more amazing is that the machine has a powered SpinScrub hand tool that can be used to clean more difficult areas.

Not to mention a package of squeegee attachment for cleaning hard floors.

Separate Clean and Dirty Water Tank

The max Extract Dual V All Terrain Cleaner boasts of completely separate clean and dirty water tanks. This feature allows the user to change the tanks individually, meaning you get back to cleaning more quickly. I must say that I prefer this tank system because it is more convenient and easier to manage compared to the two-in-one tank setup.

It is also important to mention that the device features an automatic detergent mixing system that provides the right ratio of water and detergent.


  • The All Terrain allows for use with hot water. This will improve carpet cleaning experience with more pleasing results.
  • It features a 13-inch wide nozzle. So you definitely won’t spend hours shampooing your carpet.
  • The cleaner features a powerful 12 amps motor that has been tested to ensure it remains powerful for a long time.
  • The multiple speeds allowing the user to alternate from hard floor scrubbing, gentle spill pick-up and carpet scrubbing depending with type of surface.
  • The cleaner comes with a 20ft power cord and a 8 ft hose for convenience.


  • It is heavy in weight. Weighs about 30lbs which is heavier than most other Hoover cleaners.
  • The machine is costly but offers its users with benefit of hard floor cleaning.

Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer prices and Reviews on Amazon

Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer is available on Amazon you can easily buy from the Amazon and check the reviews and features of this carpet cleaner. You can also compare this cleaner with other carpet cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this cleaner is better from Max Extract 77?

As you know max extract is specially manufactured for carpets but you can use it for floor purposes but on the other hand Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer is manufactured for both purposes i.e. carpet cleaning and floor cleaning. Literally it shows better results than max extract 77 so you can say it is better than Max extract 77 but it does not mean extract 77 is not useful it is very useful on its position.

Is this cleaner produce noise during running?

Hoover Company has worked on noise controlling factor during the manufacture of this cleaner. This cleaner does not making any noise during working, this is the reason it is one of the best. You can easily work with this cleaner you don’t need any ear buds during it.

Does the All Terrain Dual V cleaner include the optional Hard Floor Package?

Yes! The product comes with a complete hard floor package except for the wheels. But the ones already on the machine are adequate for either surface.

Final verdict

Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer-F7452900PC does an incredible job deep cleaning carpets and hard floors. It is the best-rated combo cleaner you’ll find in the market that cleans all types of surfaces.

Moreover, to assemble the machine is a piece of cake and comes complete with tools for cleaning carpet, auto interiors and upholstery. To conclude, the machines stunning results, reasonable price and versatility makes it an outstanding choice for a multi-surface floor and carpet cleaner.