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Our company has a commitment to do all it can to comply with the latest FTC’s guidelines and regulations pertaining to customer testimonials and product reviews. Therefore, it is necessary for our visitors to know the following:

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Additional Testimonials

On some instances, we may add additional testimonials generated from other trusted sources but with permission from these online leading retailers such as eBay, amazon.com and/or others.

Privacy Policy

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Distribution of Information

Our site may share personal information with private companies or any government agencies when required to in order to allow for smooth investigation and in the process of preventing fraud. We will however do this when:

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No information can ever be provided to any company for marketing purposes.

Visitor Data Security Commitment

We keep our visitors personally identifiable information very secure. Only authorized contractors, employees and agents are allowed access to this information, but after vowing to keep the information private and confidential with thorough consequences if they leak. All our newsletters and emails are also easy to unsubscribe when you do not want any more emails from us.

Privacy Contact Information

Please contact us on our email address: admin@carpetcleanerview.com, in case of any comment, question or concern about our privacy policy and we will be glad to respond to you.

We however have the full authority to make any changes to this privacy policy. Any changes made will forever be posted.

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