Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner Review

Bissell Power Lifter Power Brush Upright Deep Cleaner is top rated carpet cleaner in the market. It has high demand because of its performance. In this cleaner highly powerful brushed and water heating system is using for the cleaning purposes. During cleaning its brushes are rotating so that’s how it clean the carpet very efficiently. This cleaner is used for cleaning strains and spots from the carpet as well as there is heating water system in it which used for the cleaning the strains , washing the carpets and make them as new.

Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Deep Cleaner Review

Let’s have a look at the Best features that make this cleaner a must have for any Family Units or Household.

Rotating PowerBrushes System

The Upright Carpet Cleaner comes with 4-rows of Bissell’s proven PowerBrushes system. The stiff brushes bristles attached on the 4 rows are arranged in a wavy pattern.

As they rotate, they safely lift out the deep and stubborn grime while gently grooming the carpet fibers.

2-in-1 Water Tank System Arrangements

The unit features a two-in-one water-tank system. The water tank comes with a heavy-duty “bladder” that holds clean water and around it is the dirty water collector. During operation, the clean water is mixed with cleaning formula while dirty water from the carpet gets collected on the outer side of the “bladder”, meaning that the dirty and the clean water never get to mix.

This tank arrangement allows the operator to maximize tank space while reducing the number of trips to make to the sink.

11-Inch Wide Cleaning Path and Cord

The machine has a wide cleaning path and hence covers more area in a shorter-time. The 20-foot power cable/cord spare operators from plugging and unplugging when vacuuming larger rooms.

It is also important to note that the Bissell Deep Cleaner is available at a reasonable price and is the ideal substitute to specialized cleaning, without the cost and hassle of pushing a rental cleaner back and forth. A neighbor of mine is so happy with this feature that he refers to the cleaner as his favorite toy!

Heated Water Cleaning

Of course, the unit is capable of using hot clean water in its cleaning processes, meaning that you get the best results.

It is a no brainer, how much brighter a carpet can get after cleaning it with warm water. The Deep Cleaner though, lacks the Heat-Wave technology which assists in keeping water warm.

You should also be careful not to fill the machine with boiling water. It can be hazardous.​

Light Weight and User Friendly

Among the things I like most about the Power-Lifter Power-Brush 1622 is that it’s very easy to operate, and light in weight. The most conventional full-sized carpet cleaner weighs about 20 pounds or more prior to addition of water.

Other additional features such as an inbuilt measuring cup, comfortable handle, the lint screen, and removable nozzle support the fact that this unit is one of its kind.


  • Heated water cleaning ensures easier removal of the most stubborn stains.
  • The Deep Cleaner features a wide cleaning path that covers a wide area in a single forward or reverses push.
  • The machine has an excellent drying capability.
  • The 2-in-1 tank that comes with the PowerLifter spares the user the number of trips to and from the sink.


  • Doesn't have the upholstery hosepipe or a way of connecting it, and can't be fitted with the accessories to clean up upholstery or carpets.
  • Its a specialized floor carpet cleaner.

Bissell Power Lifter Power Brush Upright Deep Cleaner prices and Reviews on Amazon

Bissell Power Lifter Power Brush Upright Deep Cleaner is available on Amazon you can easily buy from the Amazon and check the reviews and features of this carpet cleaner. You can also compare this cleaner with other carpet cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there automatic water heated system or we have to put manually?

No there is no automatic water heating system in this cleaner you have to put the warm water by self in it. On the other hand you have to be careful during putting warm water in it because if you put the water on the wires or circuit of the cleaner then it is most probably the cleaner got damage.

Is it just used for the carpet cleaning purpose?

This cleaner is just manufactured for the carpet cleaning purpose. You can use it for cleaning or removing the strains, washing the carpet by detergent and warm water, drying the wet carpet with the help of this cleaner.

Final verdict

When you look at your house, and realize that your carpet needs a makeover, you have two choices: you could tear up the dirty, stained carpets and bring in new ones, or you could use the Bissell 1622 Power-Lifter Power-Brush Upright Deep Cleaner.

Using a power steamer by Bissell is an excellent choice because it will deep clean your carpets, make them look new again, and save you a lot of money by not having to replace your old carpet. You should take care when using heated water on animal and human urine grime.

For some unclear reasons, hot water may cause the smell from these excretions to worsen, so you’re better of using lukewarm or cooler water instead. If your concern is particularly about the urine smell spreading you might try neutralizing them with the professional Bissell cleaning re-agents for this kind of smell and stains – all you need is to select the one that suits your needs the best.