Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner Review

All of us, or at least, some of us love to keep a pet or two in our homes. And they become part of our family. But as cool as they are, pets can do some messes around the house. They shed hair or leave muddy imprints and urine odors on the carpet. However, this shouldn’t worry you much, what you need is the Bissell Deep-Clean Premier Pet Carpet cleaner 17N4.

This powerful Carpet Cleaner is specially engineered to perfectly work on such pet stains, and smell leaving your carpet looking newer and for longer. The cleaner does not only vacuum dirt away, but also washes deep into the carpet fibers using appropriate cleaning formulas.

The Bissell Premier gives us the opportunity to keep our pets and carpets looking neat and smelling good.

Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner Review

Let's, we have a look at the various specifications and features that make this cleaner a must-have for any household.

12 Rows of Dirt-Lifter Brushing Power

Most Bissell cleaners feature 6 to 10 rows of brushes, but with the 17N4 Premier Cleaner, you have 12 rows of dual rotating Power-Brushes at your disposal! This feature gives the unit the capability to eliminate stains and grime that is soaked deep into your carpet almost effortlessly.

The deep cleaning process loosens and eliminates tough stains and odors that could harm your carpet fibers, leaving your flooring protected and looking its best for years.

The rotating brush heads also help in reviving your carpet pile making your carpet to feel softer on your feet.

Heat-Wave technology

Another amazing feature that I like about the Premier cleaner is the Heat-Wave technology. This technology ensures there is a constant supply of warm water as you clean your carpet. Typically, the operator fills the clean water tank with hot water of about 60˚C and the Heat-Wave technology will act to maintain the temperature at that level.

This spares the user the numerous trips to the sink for warm water. A deep clean with warm water achieves brilliant cleaning results as opposed to cold water.

Pet Hair Basket

This is the Premier 17N4 cleaner’s distinguishing feature.

The pet hair basket is especially designed to hold pet hair and prevent the hair from forming tangled clumps that could get re-deposited on the carpet. This is actually a bonus point to the Bissell designing team for coming up with this idea

Clumps of pet hair can be very annoying if they get clogged inside your water tank too. They even result to more odor problems.

Edge Sweep

It can be very annoying trying to clean your carpet and not being able to get right-up to the very corner/edge of your flooring.

I especially find this annoying because you have to go down and clean up that one inch strip with your bare hands.

But Bissell Premier Cleaner saves the day and with its Edge-Sweep you are able to clean right up to that very edge of your dashboard and hence dirt or stain can endure the machines cleaning assault.


  • The Premier Cleaner is only 2 feet tall and therefore makes its storage easier.
  • The big tank means it can go a long time between refills of new clean water.
  • Its 22-foot long cord allows you to clean almost every room in one pass, assuming you do not fill the dirty water tank first.
  • Heat-Wave technology ensures there is an evenly warm water supply throughout.


  • This weighs around 30 pounds. If you struggle with a lighter cleaner, you cannot handle this.
  • The Cleaner doesn’t mix the solutions automatically, and therefore, you may result in using the shampoo intended for a large area on a small spot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does The Bissell Premier 17N4 do a good job in cleaning up dog urine odour?

A: DEFINITELY!! I do it every time, and the cleaner has never disappointed me. Be sure to follow the instructions about the cleaning pattern. I mostly use Bissell Deep-Clean Pro pet Urine Eliminator, and the results are pleasing.

Final verdict

The Bissell Deep-Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4 helps clean your carpet to professional standards while still offering a pet-friendly home for their feline and canine friends. This is the Bissell’s most cost-effective carpet washing machines that comes with specialized features to clean out pet hair and eliminate stains as well.

Generally, the Bissell Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4 offers outstanding cleaning performance and excellent usability for pet owners and great value to users.