10 Best Vacuum Cleaners – Guide and Review

Nowadays people are going for automatic way for cleaning their places instead of manual because manually they are not getting better results. The vacuum cleaner is the best choice for cleaning your floors, bathrooms, stairs and cars because vacuums clean your places efficiently and make them dust and germs free. Choosing the best vacuum cleaner is the big challenge because most people don’t know how to choose the best vacuum cleaner. We are providing top ten cleaners with their specifications, pros and cons of different companies. Scroll down and check the which vacuum device is appropriate for your needs. 

Top 10 Vacuum Cleaners

In this modern world new technology vacuum cleaners are releasing. Choosing the best vacuum cleaner is challenging situation. There are top 10 cleaners are available for the carpet  with complete specification.

V8 Absolute plus is the advance British technology vacuum cleaner manufactured by Dyson Company. This vacuum changes the cleaning process. Dyson V8 Absolute plus has the suction power up to 35 to 40 minutes which is perfect for the large places such as halls and corridors etc. V8 absolute plus can easily clean the pet things, permanent spots and stains. This vacuum cleaner can easily convert into handheld for cleaning high places. It has a special type of motor that can clean 99% dust from the floor you can see how efficient it is. This vacuum cleaner has 8 storage bag so you can use it for many times and can empty it’s bags for once.


  • It cleans the 99% dust from the place
  • 8 storage bags are provided with Dyson B8
Dyson v8


  • It takes a little bit more time in suction as compared to other cleaners.

Eureka Forbes is of the eldest company those are manufacturing vacuum cleaners. Eureka Forbes launches their new technology vacuum cleaner Quick Clean DX. This cleaner is available on all the vacuum cleaner selling stores. This cleaner has capability to clean each corner and nook of the house or other places. This cleaner is small in size so you can carry it anywhere. It has a special type of wheel that helps in moving this cleaner easily. There is a special type of indicator on this vacuum cleaner that indicates the sign when the dust bag gets full. It has a long handle that helps you in cleaning without bending your body.


  • Small in size and portable device.
  • It has an indicator that tells the status of dust bag.


  • It has no too much dust storage, need to clean the bag again and again.

If you are looking for a highly efficient vacuum cleaner in affordable budget then WD 3 Multi Purpose is the best choice. This is the advance technology vacuum cleaner manufactured by Karcher Company. This cleaner works on the wet and dry phenomenon. This cleaner had advance robust impact container and advance technology blower these make it efficient. Different sizes of nozzles are provided with this cleaner you can attach any nozzles according to your requirement. The advance German Technology is used in the manufacturing of this vacuum cleaner. It has the strong 17 liter container bag that contains water. You can use it on wet floor for drying it such as using on wet bathroom floor.

Karcher Wd3/Mv3  Cleaner


  • It has large storage, it can store up to 17 liter dust.
  • Different sizes of nozzles can attach with it.
  • You can use it in many places.


  • It requires high care. Be careful during bag cleaning.

FC8474/02 Powerpact Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is well known for its small size and portability. There cleaner is specially designed for large spaces where you can clean the place easily. This cleaner has no bag, it uses its own bin for collecting dust particles if it becomes full empty that and then continue your cleaning and vice versa. It has high power suction; it will provide you highly efficient results. It has the storage of 2 litres means you can store the dust up to 2 liters. It has the special type of cyclone that increase the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Phillips provide the 2 years warranty on the purchasing of this cleaner.

Philips FC8474


  • Small in size and easy to operate
  • It does not have dust bag, you don’t need to wash its storage space.


  • It has small storage, you can store just 2 litre dust in it.

21-litres Wet and Dry Imported Stainless Steel Vacuum Cleaner is the US technology cleaner that has high cleaning power. If you are looking for the best dry and wet cleaner then stainless steel is the best option. It has high power blower that dry the wet place. It has a HEPA filter those are helping in filter the dust. It has special types of bags those are reusable and washable. You can clean floors, bathrooms, wooden floors, stairs and upholstery with the help of this cleaner efficiently in short time. Lots of accessories will be provided with this cleaner.


  • Large storage container, store up to 17 litre dust in it.
  • HEPA filter are used for making the place bacteria free.
American Micronic-AMI-VCD21


  • It makes high noise during working.

Panasonic has introduced its new technology NC-CG301 1400 watt vacuum cleaner that has powerful suction power. You can easily collect all the dust particles and pet things quickly with the help of this cleaner, this is the best option if you are looking for this type of cleaner. This cleaner has 400 watts suction power that makes it’s cleaning more efficient. It has special technology that collects the air dust particles automatically. It also has special type of blower that helps in drying the floor. This cleaner is user friendly and long lasting. You can purchase it with the one year warranty.


  • High Suction power almost 400 Watts.
  • It has a blower for drying the wet surface.
Panasonic MC-CG304


  • You need high voltage for running this cleaner.

If you are searching for the vacuum cleaner for you bed and sofa then KC-B502 Bed and Upholstery Handheld is the best choice for this purpose. Kent manufactured this cleaner just for the beds and sofas. It has a HEPA filter that helps in removing the bacteria from the beds and sofas. This cleaner has the 450 Watt suction power which is much better as compare to other vacuum cleaners. This cleaner has no bag it use its own bin. It has advance technology cyclone that can collect nano size dust particles. HEPA filter used in this cleaner for filtering the dust particles and making the place bacteria free. You can customize it three custom settings.

KC-B502 Bed


  • You can clean your sofa and bed from it.
  • Small in size, you can use it easily.
  • HEPA filters are used in it.


  • Need to empty the bin of cleaner again and again.

This is the latest vacuum cleaner of the American Microsonic with highest suction powers. This vacuum cleaner is best for those people are searching for the cleaner for cleaning large places with high efficient results. It has the minimum section power of 1000 watts but it can exceed to 1200 watts. The best feature of this vacuum is that it has the bag that can store the dust up to 2 litres and then you can reuse or wash that bag. The special nozzles and strong brushes increase the efficiency of cleaning. In case of any issue in the cleaner you can repair by yourself by following the hand book.


  • Highest suction power as compared to other cleaners.
  • Special nozzles and brushes are used in it for cleaning.
American Micronic AMI VC1


  • You need to provide proper voltages to this cleaner.

The advance German technology Classic C1 4.5 Litre cleaner is very popular in the market because of its storage and cleaning power capability. This cleaner is manufacture for the house which does not mean that you cannot use it on any other places but it design according the houses. This cleaner has the operating system of 9 meter which increases the efficiency of the vacuum. You can rotate in 360 degrees for cleaning in every direction. You will get many extra accessories such as dust collecting bag, strong suction tube and strong brushes of different sizes. It has the largest storage capacity; dust can store up to 4.5 litre in it. On purchasing this vacuum cleaner you will receive a 1 year warranty.


  • You can use it each direction, you can rotate in 360 degrees.
  • It has strong different sizes of suction tube and brushes.
Miele Classic C1


  • It is specially manufacture only for houses.

Trendy Zip vacuum cleaner is used for dual purpose the first one is cleaning your place and the second one is you can clean your car as well with the help of this cleaner. This cleaner has powerful motor of 1000 watts that has capability to suck the dust deeply from the house floors and car upholstery. There are alerts indicator on this cleaner those alert you when the bag becomes full or when it needs to wash etc. This cleaner is very light weight you can easily take it anywhere. It has special and light weight wheels those help in movement of the cleaner. It has the feature of the thermal load it turns on when the vacuum facing any heat damage.

Eureka Forbes Trendy


  • High Suction power i.e. 1000 watts.
  • Special type of indicators are attached on it to alert the status of the dust bag.


  • You need high care for this, it can be heat damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we use these cleaners for car washing?

Yes, but you cannot use all vacuum cleaner for car washing. There are some specific vacuum cleaners such as Zip 1000 watt, you can use this cleaner for any cleaning purpose.

Are these vacuum cleaners making noise?

Yes these vacuum cleaners are making noise but not much louder. There is no vacuum cleaner exist in this world that does not make any noise. Companies are working on controlling of noise.

Are these Vacuum Cleaners heat sensitive?

Every machine in the world is heat sensitive but new modern technology takes off over it. Now a day in vacuum cleaner there is a device exist that controls the heat sensitivity of the vacuum cleaner.

Is company providing warranty with vacuum cleaner?

Yes, each vacuum cleaner manufacturing company providing the minimum warranty of 1 year, some companies are providing a warranty of 2 years, but warranty will must provided with the vacuum cleaner.

Will I get extra accessories with Vacuum Cleaners?

Of Course you will get extra accessories as well as documentary with the vacuum cleaner. Different sizes of nozzles, strong brushes and dust bag will provide with the vacuum cleaner.


In this article we have mentioned best vacuum cleaners that are best in providing results and reliable. These cleaners you can easily buy from the market. Read the specification of each vacuum cleaner carefully and choose the best vacuum cleaner according to your needs. It is time to remove the dust and bacteria automatically instead of manually.