Best Portable Carpet Steam Cleaner – Guide and Review

If you are fed up with manual cleaning or washing of the carpet and you are looking for the best portable carpet cleaner which is easy to use, reliable and portable then you are in the right place. Here you will find top 10 portable carpet cleaners and rug cleaners. These cleaners are really efficient and trustworthy you can easily get them from the market or they are available on Amazon in reasonable prices. If you want to keep your carpet neat and clean then must choose of them. We will explain each and everything such as features, pros and cons etc. which will help you identify which one is best to fulfill your need.

Best Portable Carpet and Rug Cleaners

There are many best portable carpet cleaners and rug cleaners available in the market. Here we will discuss just top 10 cleaners those are cheap and top rated in the market.

Bissell 3624 carpet cleaner is top rated portable carpet cleaner in the market by bissell company. It has high demand because of its performance. In this cleaner highly powerful brushed and water heating system is used for cleaning purposes. During cleaning its brushes are rotating so that’s how it clean the carpet very efficiently. Bissel 3624 cleaner is used for cleaning stains and spots from your carpets as well as there is heating water system in it which was used for the cleaning the strains , washing the carpets and make them as new you just bought it from the market. This machine has high quality and advance feature brushes and sprays those are responsible for making your clean neat and clean as well as they will never damage your carpet. In this machine there is separate tank for the hot water which will help in removing the strains with hot water.


  • It has large and wide hoses
  • Can work on multiple surfaces
  • Easily remove tough stains and spots


  • Hoses cannot easily detach
  • The design of hoses difficult to understand

1400b Bissell is one of the best portable carpets cleaner in the market. It used for multipurpose such as cleaning, washing and drying the carpet. This carpet cleaner is manufactured for small and long carpets. It has tanks that are PVC free and 48 ft in measurements as well as it has hose of 4 ft. This cleaner is used for removing and cleaning permanent stains and spots from your carpets and make the as new you buy from your carpets. New technology brushes are attached with this carpet cleaner those help in scrubbing and removing the strain from your carpets. This best point of this carpet is that it will never damage your carpet. It has special of type suction which is easily remove spots and stains from your carpets. If you are looking forward to buy this cleaner then don’t waste time to buy this.

BISSELL Little Green


  • It is easy to use and assemble
  • Highly light weighted
  • Provide best and efficient results


  • It makes very loud noise
  • It has plastic cap which is not removed

If you are looking for the high performance and efficient portable carpet cleaners then you can go for the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner. This cleaner has fantastic look and it is very reliable. The Rug doctor deep has Dual Cross Action Brushes, Super Boost Spray and Collapsible Handle. This cleaner is very economical you can save a lot of money. This carpet has long handle which helps you in cleaning the carpet more efficiently. This cleaner has more suction capacity about 75% than other cleaners. You can clean your carpet by yourself with the help of Rug doctor deep instead of other ordinary carpet cleaners. This cleaner can polish your carpet, groom and maintain your carpet with the help of this cleaner as well as you can easily wash your carpet. This is the best handheld carpet cleaner you can clean your carpet easily. Its special brushes and sprays can easily remove the strains and spots from your carpets then after that it polish your carpet and make it as new.

RugDoctor Portable Spot Cleaner


  • Cool and new model design
  • Polish the carpet and can never damage the carpet
  • Cannot occupy much space it is easy to keep


  • It makes a loud noise
  • Its hose are small in sizes

Hoover FH11300 is used for multipurpose i.e. It can be used for removing spots and stains from your carpets, cleaning the stairs and upholstery etc. This machine is designed in such a way that it light weight and occupy less space. The most advanced and hygienic technology tools are used in Hoover FH11300 for removing and cleaning stains and spots from your carpets. Self cleaning technology used in this carpet cleaner after finishing the work it will automatically clean its hose. This portable carpet cleaner has two separate tanks one tank containing clean water and the other one contains dirty water. You can easily change or empty the water in these tanks without any issue. The plus point of this cleaner is that there is an antibacterial function in this cleaner which stops bacteria from spreading. It has high quality sprays and brushes those clean the carpet, stairs and upholstery without causing damage.

Hoover FH11300


  • It is very easy to assemble and set up
  • It has self cleaning technology
  • Its hose and tanks are easily changed and empty


  • It has rubber brush which got break down during working
  • It has short hose and tank

Bissell 33n8 rug and carpet cleaner is the most advanced technology product manufactured by the Bissell Company. This cleaner has no handle you just leave on the carpet and then it will clean by itself. It is automatic carpet cleaner. It has high sensors those detect the spots, strains and holsters and then remove these things. Bissel 33n8rug and carpet cleaner provides the best results in the mean of cleaning and removing the spots and strains especially at that point when you have to clean the masses of the pets. Actually bissell company specially designed this best portable carpet cleaner for the carpet cleaning but it can be used for many other purposes such as carpet washing, carpet wetting, cleaning the wooden floor, cleaning marble floors and stairs. This is cleaner work as the one man army. It is light in weight and occupy less space.

Bissell 33n8


  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Easily clean food stains and pet messes
  • Can clean every surface


  • Hoses are not too much reliable
  • Cannot remove or change the brushes

Bissell 5207F also known as Bissell spot clean pro heat. As like Bissel 14259 carpet cleaner it works on wet and dry process. This machine has the handle which helps in cleaning the toughest spots and stains from your carpets. It has special clean, spot and oxy boost cleaning formula which increases the results. It’s oxy boosts formula has excellent testimony. People buy this portable carpet cleaner because if this technique. For heating purposes heat wave technology is used. During clean if you want to remove the permanent strain then take it on that strain click the wet the button then cleaner will wet that part of the carpet, after that it’s advance technology brushes rub the strain and remove it from your carpets now its heat wave technology will dry that wet part. If we go in deeper it has special 3 inch tool which is specially designed for removing the tough stains and spots such as messes of pets.

Bissell 5207F


  • Easily remove permanent and tough strains
  • Show fast and efficient results
  • Can easily change or empty water from tanks


  • Cleaning formula consists in small bottles
  • This machine is making too much noise

The Rug doctor portable carpet cleaner is one of the best handheld carpet cleaner and leading carpet cleaners in the market. The results of this carpet cleaner are much better than other Rug Doctors carpet and rug cleaners. This cleaner has special type of brushes those scrub the carpet two times faster than the ordinary rug doctor carpet cleaner as well as its motor rotates the brushes 1200 times in a minute which is actually outstanding. As you can see how fast it is working, its rotation and cleaning process is awesome. It has a long handle which help in cleaning the carpet easily and efficient way. You can clean any type of strain or spot from your carpets very easily whether that is the mess of any pet or the spot of any food. You just need to take it over that spot or strain then it will automatically clean that spot. Its special brushes clean the strain in just a few seconds.

rug doctor


  • Can easily setup the cleaner
  • Use hot water and dry purpose for removing
  • It has wide lids can easily clean hoses


  • Too noisy
  • Give tough time during cleaning

Bissel 14259 is also known as Bissell Little Green ProHeat Carpet Cleaner. This portable carpet cleaner is doing cleaning on wet and dry phenomenon. If you are looking for comprehensive and deep cleaner then Proheat carpet cleaner is the best option. This cleaner has the capability to remove the spots, strains and spills in large amount from your carpets. While working this cleaner first wet carpet detergent water and then scrub brush on that spot when after completing this process by its heating process it dry the water from your carpets. This cleaner is mainly manufactured for the carpet cleaning purpose but it is not compulsory that you just it on carpets, you can use it on upholstery, marble floors and stairs. If you have pets in your house and you fed up from their messes again and again then this cleaner is the solution to your problem. This cleaner is specifically designed for these kind of purposes.

bissell proheat


  • Can easily detach and attach hose and tanks
  • Remove stains and spots quickly
  • Use hot water for removing strains


  • The suction capability is not enough
  • The tanks getting leak after sometime

Bissel 1716 is counting in one of the best portable carpet cleaners manufactured by Hoover Company. If you compare Bissell 1716 with other highly qualified carpet cleaners then it will show much better results as compared to others. This carpet cleaner can use on many surfaces such as carpets, wooden floor, marble floors and stairs etc. It has robust rotating brushes and strong suction power. If you have Bissell 1716 then you not need other cleaning materials such as ordinary carpet cleaner, vacuum cleaner, mop and tiles cleaner, Bissel 1716 has capability to do all operations of cleaning. This cleaner is not making any noise during working, this is the reason it is one of the best. You can easily work with this cleaner you don’t need any earphones during it. This cleaner is available in the market you can easily buy it. Don’t waste your time for getting this.

Bissell Spotlifter 1716B


  • It has powerful suction and cleaning power
  • Can easily remove pets messes
  • Its parts can easily detachable and attachable


  • Much noisy during work
  • It has small tanks in size

Bissell portable vacuum cleaner is specially manufactured for carpets and rugs. If you are looking for the portable carpet cleaners that you can used for the multipurpose such as for carpet cleaning, carpet polishing, cleaning the interior part of the everything then this cleaner is the best option. This cleaner can remove the dust from the deep. It has special brushes and sprays and their combination remove and eliminate any kind of strain or spot from your carpets or the floor. This cleaner has hose those are really flexible and deluxe that’s purpose is just increasing the toughest strains and spots from your carpets for permanent. This vacuum is updated to the bissell 7786A in which heat technology is used. This is much more powerful than previous. It uses wetting and heating process for removing the strain from your carpets and rugs.

Bissell SpotClean 7786A


  • Has much vacuum and cleaning power
  • Tanks can easily empty and changed
  • It is economical in prices


  • Its tanks getting leak after few uses
  • It create noise during working

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hoover FH113300 produce noise during cleaning?

No, Hoover FH11300 does not produce any noise during cleaning purpose. Hoover company always work on this work during the manufacturing of their product. If you review other products of the hoover those are not even producing any noise.

How we can change the water from the tanks of cleaner?

Removing water or changing dirty water from the tanks is very easy. You can easily do this process. The method is mentioned on the product documentary you can read out. You should take care of one thing don’t use any hard tool for changing because it may cause leaking.

Which cleaner you recommend to buy?

Well we have mentioned the top portable carpet cleaner reviews above but if you are talking about the top 3 cleaners then they are Rug Doctor carpet cleaner, Bissell 3624 n Bissell 1400B they all are top and hot in the market because if their performances, light weight and set up.