Best Carpet and Hard Floor Steam Cleaner – Guide and Review

Steam cleaning is becoming more popular than traditional shampoo methods. If you are considering having a hard floor, proper cleaning and maintenance should be in your mind. You need to have the right cleaner that is able to clean your carpets and hard floors effectively.

It is important to clean the flooring fibers on a regular basis to eliminate many pollutants that are present indoors. This ensures that your house is free from dust, allergens and pet hair as well as protect the health of those inside the house.

Choosing the right steam cleaner for carpets and hard floors is not a difficult task when you have more information on what to look for when buying a certain cleaner.

Best Carpet and Hard Floor Steam Cleaner Comparison Table


Shark Sonic


Hoover MaxExtract




Hoover MaxExtract

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet
Hoover MaxExtract
McCulloch MC
Hoover MaxExtract

700+ Reviews

800+ Reviews

2500+ Reviews

1700+ Reviews

Non-Toxic Gentle Cleaning Solutions

Multi-Purpose Cleaning

Powerful Steam

Pressurized Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

29.3 x 12.6 x 9.4 inches

23.8 x 16.2 x 26.8 inches

20.1 x 13 x 12.6 inches

23.8 x 16.2 x 26.8 inches

15 pounds

22.5 pounds

14.9 pounds

27.0 pounds

Best Carpet and Hard Floor Steam Cleaner Review

In Below, I have reviewed top 5 best carpet and hard floor steam cleaners to help you get the right product that meets your home cleaning needs.

The Shark Sonic Duo provides an easy and powerful way of removing dirt, allergens and odors from the carpet, hard floors and area rugs.

It is a convenient cleaner to use providing you with effortless cleaning.

The cleaner comes with two scrub modes that give you the opportunity to tailor your cleaning process. Using this cleaner is easy and fun way of cleaning your floors and carpets leaving them clean and smelling fresh.

The Sonic Duo Carpet cleaner has a concentrated non-toxic gentle cleaning solution that offers a true clean for a healthier home. It features microfiber washable pads that are reusable and specifically designed for carpet and hard floor cleaning.

Feature Highlights

  • Very LightWeight, Only 18 lbs!
  • Multi Functional Surface Cleaning
  • Electronic Spray Button for Spraying Solution
  • 22ft! Power Cord to Easy Operation

The Hoover MaxExtract deep cleaner is a versatile cleaner that can be used to clean variety of surfaces ranging from carpets, couches, tiled floors to sealed wood floors.

It is easy to set the cleaner to wash with the detergent, and then rinses the surface with fresh water using the AutoRinse feature.

The Spinscrub 77 Rotating Brushes are designed to surround carpet fibers removing dirt from different angles. You can easily set your cleaning system by surface; spill pickup mode, power scrub mode or gentle scrub mode.

This is an easy-to-use cleaner, you only need to use fingertip control to apply detergent to heavy traffic areas and stains. The powerful motor with forced heated air helps to achieve quick dry drying which saves your time.

Feature Highlights

Hoover MaxExtract
  • Prohibit Long Time Waiting For Drying After Cleaning
  • Exclusive Clean Surge Single Button Operation!
  • Multi Surfaces Cleaning Ability.
  • Ensures Pressurized Water For Better Cleaning

Keep your home clean and free from allergens with the McCulloch Heavy Duty Cleaner. This is a perfect solution for people who are serious about steam cleaning. This is a perfect cleaner for both outdoor and indoor use.

The cleaner has versatile attachments that make it easy to handle almost all the cleaning tasks in your home.

It features wheels and casters so it is convenient to move around your home. The presence of steam mop head and easy-stick microfiber pads naturally sanitizes and cleans variety of hard surfaces.

This is a perfect cleaner that is effective in killing germs, allergens, and dust mites with the strong penetrating steam. It as well reduces smoke odor keeping the fabric in drapes or upholstery refreshed.

Feature Highlights

  • Unique Features of Castor Wheel Attachment
  • High Steam Powered Machine; 1500 Watt
  • No Uses of Chemicals!
  • Steam Remains For Long time at 200 Degree Fahrenheit.

This is a deep cleaner that is designed to clean rugs and carpets thoroughly. It uses pressurized cleaning to remove water, dirt and grime and has a fast drying time.

The patented SpinScrub brushes are effective in cleaning all sides of the carpet and upholstery fibers.

The Pressurized Edge-To-Edge Cleaning lifts stubborn stains leaving hard to reach corners clean. The cleaner has separate tanks for clean and dirty water.

This makes it easy to fill and clean each tank individually. The upholstery tool easily picks debris from the places the power brush is not in a position to get to. The cleaner boasts of MaxExtract DualI V Nozzle Technology that pulls a lot of water so your floors dry fast.

Feature Highlights

  • Drying More Rapidly than Other Cleaners!
  • Provides Perfect Ratio of Water & Detergent
  • Dual Chamber Nozzle Facilitate Pressurized Cleaning
  • Clean Every Tight Edges, Corners Perfectly

The cleaner is designed to clean fabric and carpeted surfaces in your home. It is a perfect cleaner that helps extend the life of your carpet.

This lightweight cleaner is easy to maneuver around your house when cleaning different places.

The Wash/Rinse Selector enables you to wash your carpet with water and soap and then rinse your carpet to remove the soap residue. The forced heated air makes it fast to dry your carpet.

It features a long hose and upholstery tool for cleaning stairs and hard to reach areas. It is possible to achieve a 360 degree cleaning surrounding carpet fibers, thanks to its Exclusive SpinScrub Technology. The smart tank system makes it easy to fill and empty without having any mess.

Feature Highlights

  • 360 Degree Counter Rotation Spin Brushes
  • Lightweight, Weighs Less than 19lbs!
  • Detergents are Mixing Automatically
  • Brush Heads Can Be easily Removed

Final Verdict

Nobody wants to have their carpets having accumulated dirt and pest stains that cause nasty odors in your house. You can make your carpet and hard floors clean and smelling nice by selecting any of the above steam cleaners.

The steam cleaners are perfect for hard floors and carpets delivering the best results. They come with different sizes and specifications to meet the varying needs of the customers.

Having any of the cleaners provides you with a great cleaning experience leaving your house clean and fresh. They come in different price tags, you can choose the one that meets your budget, preference and taste.